About Us
Stand Up To Stop Violence is an organization that cares. Building hope through laughter and striving to involve the community actively. Through event hosting with various comedians in the industry, Stand Up To Stop Violence raises funds to donate to various charities. 

Stand Up to Stop Violence is the brain child of attorney/comedian Suzie Sexton.  In 1980 Suzie's sister Judy was shot in the head and killed during a mugging in Chicago.  Since that time, Suzie has been an activist in violence prevention, primarily in preventing gun violence.  In 2011, after the shootings in Tucson on January 8th, Suzie brought together David Fitzsimmons, Gary Hood, Elliot Glicksman, Butch Lord, and other great comedians to stand up for a good cause:  to raise money for charities that prevent violence.  The result, the first Stand Up to Stop Violence, was a huge success.  It was a sold out event and it inspired an annual event.  Last year's show was at the Fox Theatre downtown and featured a stellar lineup of Tucson's top comedians and tour de force headliner Eric O'Shea.  This year we bring you  the talented Vanessa Hollingshead.

A local charity will benefit from the proceeds of the show: Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse. Emerge! provides an array of services for victims of domestic violence, including an emergency hotline and shelters for victims to live in to escape their abusers.  

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